Missie at Lopez Farmer's Market

It's no secret that I love my work. Communications is all about building relationships. It's building families of messages, visual and written, that resonate with an audience. It's about telling good stories.

I'm originally from Vermont, where I co-produced a multi-media program called The Vermont Book of Days. It was the brainchild of my dad. We produced the program for television, radio, newspaper, and the internet, telling a story from Vermont for every day of the year. In 2007, I was drawn to Seattle, known for its dedication to the environment, technology, health, and community. I now work in public health, tackling issues ranging from climate change to education.

In this brief online presence, I have omitted my family and friends (except when appearing in blog posts). I owe them at least a mention because they are fabulous. And a special thank you to my husband, Brian Clifford.

Thanks for visiting; I hope you enjoy the site.